Today, blasting requires a higher level of expertise than ever before. To meet that need, WESCO offers a complete menu of blasting services that include Blast Design; Shot Loading; Complete Shot Service; Vibration, Airblast, and Flyrock Reduction.


Blast Design
Our highly trained technical staff utilizes the latest generation of blast design software to aid us in improving your blasting results, while minimizing cost.

We can provide complete documentation and help with record keeping, including electronic downloads, and analysis of blasting results and total costs.

Shot Loading
When WESCO provides shot loading service, the customer gets the benefit of highly trained blasters who will load the blastholes using safe blasting processes and procedures which are specified in a blast site safety manual.
WESCO uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a high quality product that is loaded in a safe, efficient and professional manner.

Complete Shot Service
WESCO has the expertise and experience to allow you to outsource the entire drilling and blasting program. WESCO will design, drill, load, shoot, monitor and record the blast.

Our complete shot service means our customer avoids the burden of handling explosives, training and retaining competent blasters, and the high expense of equipment, inventory and insurance.

Blasting plays a more important role than just breaking rock. The benefits of optimizing fragmentation are measurable in the downstream processes from pit to plant. WESCO offers a project based measure-and-manage approach that utilizes blast design to tailor fragmentation to improve the overall productivity of the shot.

Vibration, Airblast, Flyrock Reduction
Today, reducing ground vibration, airblast and flyrock are more important than ever. Blasting sites tend to be closer to populated areas and the liabilities associated with the blast event are increasingly expensive.

WESCO blasters practice state-of-the-art monitoring techniques to reduce neighbor complaints, improve community relations and minimize the customer’s exposure to damage claims.